Forth District

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Forth & Wilsontown Primary School.

1946 - 1960

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Back Row: Jim Young, Jim Andrews, Alan Easton, Joe Stark, Hugh Gracie, Ian Tennant, Jack McCallum, Jim Dearie, Sandy Orr.

Second Back Row: David Steel, James Greenfield, Pogs Carruthers, Robert Gracie, Robert McGilvray, David Millar, Tom Smith, John Simpson.

Second Front Row: Wilma Reid, Alice Sheppard, Agnes Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Janice Bell, Margaret Law, Janette Bradford, Jean Samson, Ann Smith, Margaret Kerr, Isabel Daly.

Front Row: Margaret Russel, Gloria Hamilton, Violet Graham, Janette Steel ,Jenny Thompson, Grace Barrett, Mary Connor, Helen Struthers, Elizabeth Watson,
Elizabeth Aitken.

Special thanks to Jenny Thompson for the information supplied


1950 / 51

Back row: Donald Somerville, ?,James Railton,?,?, William Hamilton, ?, Frank Lannie, Alan Gray.

2nd row: Hugh Gallacher, Tom Fleming, Ian Thompson, John Ryan, James Walker (mincey),?, Henry Forgie,?, Victor Dewson, Willie Murray.

3rd row: Elma McKibbon, ?, Elizabeth Anderson, ?,?,?, / McKendrick, ?, Mary Gibson.

Front row: ?,Jessie Findlayson, ?, Effie Somerville, ?, Rena Purdie, ?.

Special thanks to Hugh Adamson for the information supplied



Back Row: Billy Keay, Hall Thomson, Jim McMorran, Gavin McConnell, Nathan Walker.

Second Back Row: Tommy Orr, William Conner, George Sommerville, George Orr, Billy Brown, James Nelson, Billy Stark.

Second Front Row: Isobel griffin, Tina Hamilton, Geraldine Fleming, Margaret Caruthers, Roberta Forgie, Jean Wallace, Jenny Nimmo, Margaret McCallum.

Front Row: Binky Fowler, Marion Douglas, Margaret Fleming, Alice Sloan, Josephine Forgie, Grace Hamilton, Margaret Green, Flora Simpson.


1951 or 1952

With apologies for mistakes…

Back Row (L to R): John Govan, Tommy Little, James Horn "Wee Hornie", Robert Cleland, Robert "Rab" Geddes, Hugh "Shug" Adamson, Ian Wilson, Alex Brannan, Geordie Barratt

2 Back Row: Alex "Caff" McCafferty, Rab Kennedy, Robert "Bert" Thomson, Robert "Wee Flee/Flam" Fleming, Duncan "Dandy"Blair, William "Dandy" Blair, Tom Buchanan, Tom "Tam" Finlayson, Ian “Hammy” Hamilton, Robert Girdwood

3 Back Row: William Dempster, Sandra McLellan, Elspeth Cameron, Joyce "Big Dickie" Dick, Kay Tennant, Jemina Moffat, Beth Thomson, Ann Purdie, Agnes Moffat, Phyllis “Wee Gibbie” Gibson

Front Row: John Hamilton, William "Wullie" Ritchie, Helena Chfalba, Margaret Haston, Rachel Wilson, June Prosser, Sadie Caruthers, Alice "Betty" Kaye, Trevor Gardiner, Richard Nelson.

special thanks to Mr Hugh Adamson for the information supplied


1951 Jim Bell's Qualifying class

Back row: Tom Neilson, Ian McCafferty, John Brown, George Tennant, Eric Welsh, George Gracie, William Darling, Robert Bradford, William Bryce, Robert Conner.

2nd row: Mr Bell, Alex Griffin, Sandy Thomson, Jim Goldie, Jim McCafferty, Jim Allen, Johnny Russell, George Pillans, Tom Rae, Bobby Gray.

3rd row: Mary McFarlane, Kay Burton, Grace Wilson, Stella McMorran, Anna Fleming, Margaret Moffat, Jean Ritchie, Margaret Brownlie, Jennifer Gardner, Emma Griffin.

Front row: George Wilson, Isabel Orr, Jenny Thomson, May Smith, Marjorie Gibson, Jean Weir, Margaret Hutton, Elizabeth Abernethy, Elizabeth Hope. Isa Douglas

special thanks to Robert Bradford for the information supplied


1951 primary 5 or 6

Back :Jane Hope;Robert Pillans;James Walker;Donald Kerr;George Cook;Jim Plenderleith;George Alexander;Tom Wadell;Tom Orr.
3rd: Mary Simpson;Janet Kennedy;William Moffat;Andrew Storrie;Jim Griffin;Albert Russell;David Alexander;James Steele;Alan McClellan;Daniel Dally.
2nd: Isobel Thomson;Janet Fairley;Elizabeth? Marshall;Frances Fraser;Christine Doyle;Pearl Prentice;Margaret Brindley;Sheilah McLeod;Jean Pillans;Eileen McCormick.
Front: Jean Finlayson;Agnes Somerville;Isobel Blair;Ellen McPartland;? Ross;Susan Forgie;Catherine Angus;Shena McCardle;Jessy Kay;Margaret Muir.

Special thanks to Robert Pillans for the information supplied


1951 or 1952

Back: Peter Stark, William Alexander, William Stark, Peter McCallum, George Burton or Tom Steele, James Thomson, George Geddes, Ian Irvine, Alex Linton, Drew Carswell, Robert Thomson, Charles Brown.
3rd: William Little, John Simpson, Hugh ?, Jack Angus, ?, John Findlayson, William Thomson, George Thomson, Tommy Kay, Jack Aitkengray
2nd: Nan Pillians, ?, ?, ?, Fay Stark, Elizabeth Armstrong, Marjory Tennant, Margaret Burnside, ? Marg Gracie, Cath McFadden, Jean Govan.
Front: Jim Baird, Jim Gray, Richard Finlayson, Walter Wilson, Drew Barret, Adam Moffat, David Pollock, Alex Sampson, Billy Alexander.

Special thanks to Charles Brown & Jim Gray for this information supplied


1952 Forth School Choir at Shotts Music Festival

Back Row (L to R) 1 Lilias Brown; 2 Nanette Jackson; 3 Beth Thompson; 4 Flora Simpson; 5 Jemina Moffat; 6 Ena Law; 7 Bertha Anderson; 8 Anne Orr; 9 Norma Ramsay; 10 Ellen Gibson; 11 Jim Alexander.
Middle Row (L to R)1 Nan Gebbie; 2 ?; 3 Kathleen Walker; 4 Alice Angus; 5 Sandra McLellan; 6 Jenny Armstrong; 7 Alex Nelson; 8 Andrew Wilson; 9 Phyllis Gibson;10 ?; 11 Carol Stewart; 12 Tom Steele.
Front Row (L to R) 1 ?; 2 Rena Alexander; 3 Marion Watson; 4 Mary Dignal or Nan Pillians?;5 Moira Aitken; 6 Catherine Ritchie; 7 Robert Thomson; 8 Jack Aitken; 9 ...Stark; 10 Charles Brown; 11 Grace Aitken.



Back Row: Willie Dempster, Tom Hurst, Davie Crawford (Hiram), Big Wullie Gracie, Tommy Buchanan, Robert Bryce, William Wallace, Leny Thompson and Jim Dickson.
2nd Row: Brian Burt, Florence Wilson, Mary Thomson, Marion Watson, Nanette Easton, ? Watson, A Prentice Twin, Jeanette Douglas, Judith Heinz, Prentice Twin and Ian McGovern (Gus).
3rd Row: Elizabeth Greenfield, ?, Jan Rhyme, ?, ?, Betty Morton, Hannah Gracie, Elizabeth Gracie, Jessie Wilson, Wilma Watson, Mary Clark and Josephine McPherson.
Front Row: Jim Woods, Willie Boyle, Davie Graham, Jim Carruthers (Peem), George Storey, Geordie Welsh, Jake Wilson, Rab Wilson, Willie McManus and Jim Greenhorn (Pinky).

Special thanks to Jim Dickson for the information supplied

forth junior secondary 1956

Back row: Jim Watson, Robert Easton, John Jackson, Mitchell Fowler, John Alexander, Robert McColl, Jim Stewart, Ian Thomson, Patrick Ferrie, George Samson.

Second back row: Tom Morton, Ronald Bell, Margaret Bryce, Moira Hood, Jean Russell, Gillian Armstrong, Agnes Kay, Robert Hayward, Robert Carmichael.

Second front row: Jean Robb, Mima Easton, Susan Orr, Helen Dixon, Margaret McPherson, Sadie Armstrong, Wilma Gardner, Mary Thomson, Marna Wood, Christine Fraser.

Front row: Willie Bowman,Rab Mackie, John Somerville, John Anderson, Scott Brown, Gordon Dick, William Carswell, Robert Blair, Alan Simpson.

Special thanks to Gordon Dicksen (Gordon Dick ) for this picture


Special thanks to Joe Anderson for this picture



Special thanks to Charles Brown for this picture






1956 3rd year

Back :R Chfalbar;Tom Brown;David Alexander;Geo. Porteous;Jim Thomson?;Albert Russel;William Bell;Vincent Russel
Middle: Andrew McCallum;Isobel Blair;Jean Finlayson;Moira Dick;Annette Lapsley;Frances Fraser;Alex Winget
Front:Janet Sillance;Janet Kennedy;Jean Pillans;Jenny Armstrong;Janet Wallace;Pearl Prentice;Carol Stewart;Sybil Forrest?;Isobel Thomson;Kay Colville;Ellen McPartland

Special thanks to Robert Pillans for the information supplied



Transition year before Lanark Grammar

With apologies for mistakes…

Back Row: 1) Jim Somerville, 2) Jock Gallagher, 3) Dickie Bone, 4) Andrew Wilson, 5) Jackie MacGregor, 6) Jim Alexander, 7) Jim Simpson, 7) Hugh Adamson, 8) Bryce Hamilton, 9) Kelly Hamilton (from Braehead)

3rd Row: 1) Jim "Tiny" Thomson, 2) ??? Janet Kennedy (Helen Connor) ???, 3) Lilias Brown, 4) Beth Thomson, 5) Rena McCallum, 6) Nanette Jackson, 7) Bertha Anderson, 8) Jessie Muir, 9) Alex "Plunker" Brown (from Braehead)

2nd Row: 1) Jemima Gebbie, 2) Kaye Tennant, 3) Rachel Wilson, 4) Jean Russell, 5) Catherine Walker, 6) Alice "Betty" Kay 7) Margaret Griffin, 8) Margaret "Katie" Kettles, 9) Margaret "Meg" Goldie, 10) Ann Boyd, 11) Kate Thomson, 12) Alice Angus

Front Row: 1) Robert Fleming, 2) Robert Thomson, 3) Tommy Little 4) Duncan Blair, 5) James "Jim" Forrest, 6) Trevor Gardiner.






1951 Teachers



Names are (I think) as follows:

Back Row: 1) Mr. Wallace, 2) Mrs. Cassels, 3) Mr. Young, 4) Miss J.Pillans, 5) Miss Frame, 6) Mr. S.Pillans, 7) Miss Jenkins, 8) Mr. Gray (the janitor)

2nd Row: 1) Miss P. McKendrick, 2) Miss Hamilton, 3) Mr. Bell, 4) Mr. Blair, 5) Mrs. Lawson, 6) Miss Marshall, 7) Miss Forrest, 8) Miss McCallum

Front Row: 1) Miss Ellen McKendrick, 2) Miss McPartland, 3) Mr. Wallace, 4) Miss Bryce, 5) Mr. Smith (Head Master), 6) Miss Scott, 7) Miss Nelson

Special thanks to Hugh Adamson for the information supplied

The School Football Team of 1947

They won the Stark Cup at Montieth Park, Carstairs.
Back row teachers: Mr A Young, Mr S. Pillans, Mr W Smith (Headmaster) and Mr A Wallace.
Middle row: Alec Ross, Joe Robinson, Hugh Nimmo, Dickie Simpson, Peter Tennant, John McMorran.
Front row: Bobby Griffin, William Hamilton, Robert Orr, Alec Alexander, John McCafferty.

Special thanks to Robert Bradford for this picture

football team

The School Football Team of 1957/8

Looking good in their brand new strips!
Back row: Rab Geddes, Geordie Barrett, Billy Orr, Jim Bryce, Tom McGurk, John Govan.
Front row: Wullie Shields, Jim Stark, Dandy (W) Blair, Ian Hamilton, Rab Kennedy.

Special thanks to George McGurk for this picture

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