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wilsontown school

Wilsontown School was opened in 1782 and closed in 1926

On the lintels of the doorways of this ancient house of learning for the edification of all who might pass within its portals, can still be read the two great commands: "Fear God" and "Love thy Neighbour." 

 The school was taken over by the Carnwath Board as late as 1887 and was finally closed around 1926


1885 Class at Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


Girl Juniors 1910-11 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School

Taken outside the original school building erected circa 1800


1913 -1914 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


1915 -1916 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


1917 Class Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


1918 Class Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


P1 1919 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School

Taken in the open above the defunct Wilsontown iron works (the teacher is in the original picture)


Class P1 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School 1920

Back ?Hamilton;May Prossor;G Griffin;Agnes Walker;Mary Davidson;Grace Jackson;Bell Boyd;Marg.Fraser.
Mid: ?John McGill;?McCormack;?Prentice;Geo.Anderson;Adam Watson;Sam Donaldson;Willie Young;Bill Baird.
Front: ?Bucannan;M McPartland;Cathie Russel;Helen Devlin;Robt.Pillans;R Hamilton;Jas. Main.


P3 1922 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


1922 Wilsontown (Forth) Junior School


1925 approx

A Very Special thanks to Agnes & Robert Pillans for all the above pictures and information.

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Old Forth School Closure.

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